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Sadly, nothing lasts forever

November 15, 2014 in Server News by Skykia

Good people of Firefly, long has it been since the last post and much has happened. First, please accept my apologies for being kept in the dark for so long. Hopefully this post will clear things up and answer most of the lingering questions.

As all of you have probably noticed, the Firefly server has been inaccessible for well over a month. Many attempts were made by both H7 and I to identify the problem and fix whatever issue was causing the connection failure, but they were all in vain. After much time and effort the only option we had left was to completely rebuild the server from the bottom up. Our owner, Dave, was the one who put together the incredible server setup that you all know and love, and thus Dave was the only one who could truly recreate it again.

Our talented owner has been very open with all of us in both his previous homepage post, and through private correspondence with H7 and I, that life has him more than busy. Dave’s creativity, as you all might suspect, is employed for many things beyond just awesome minecraft servers. Sometimes it is really difficult, but necessary as an adult to ultimately spend time on projects that keep a roof over your head and food on the table. I for one feel incredibly lucky to have played for so long on a server run by someone as talented as Dave, and I think all of us, no matter how long or short our time on Firefly was can recognize what a unique experience it was. All of this we owe to the many many hours of work spent by JacksmackDave, most of which took place where no regular member could truly see or appreciate it.  Although we will all miss Firefly, and Dave, we can still be thankful for the community that he has brought together here. Some friendships go well beyond just a game, and our memories made on Firefly are something that we all carry with us as we migrate to new phases of life, or perhaps other minecraft servers.

In an effort to keep some of our community together I have, with the help of H7 and some of our former Moderators, started a small minecraft server. I am nowhere near as talented as Dave, nor is this server anything even close to our lovely Firefly, but even in a change of scenery our community can perhaps still retain that same spirit and heart that made Firefly a home to many of us. I have setup a simple forum http://mandmserver.forumotion.com/ to help gather the links in to one place, and am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces turn up. I’ve missed many of you during this month, and hope that that same spirit of Firefly community has kept everyone continuing to check our homepage for updates <3

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October 4, 2014 in Server News by O157_H7

Hey guys!

Given many recent changes, I thought it would be a good idea to address our server’s rules and values. The previously expanded rules have become slightly less relevant. So, I just wanted to concisely touch upon the following things. Please take a moment to click the link below and read the page.


As always, thank you for being loyal members of FireFly MC. It’s been a bumpy ride, but you guys have been great! We hope to continue growing and making improvements everyday!


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by Dave

Quick update on how things are going.

August 19, 2014 in Server News by Dave

So, I’ve been a bit pre-occupied lately, one of my best friends slowly became paralyzed over the last month, and I have been busy taking care of him.   Watching him slowly deteriorate and be in pain the whole time has been excruciating.


Money is tight and we couldn’t get him the surgery he needed on his back and now he is officially paralyzed for life.  Needless to say when something like this happens Minecraft has been pretty far from my mind, especially with the EULA Mojang debacle hanging over the server.

The dog being injured isn’t the only thing I’ve had going on, but I’ll spare you the details.  I’m going to fix a few  things on the server tonight and will peck away at it as I can.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of spare time since taking care of him takes a lot more time now that he can’t use the bathroom on his own and takes me helping him or cleaning him up afterwards.

I hope the last month has gone better for you than it has for me.

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by Skykia

Survival PVP Tournament, Friday at 7 cst!

July 14, 2014 in Server News by Skykia

The date has been set and the time chosen. Get your best gear together for the survival arena pvp tournament this coming Friday at 7 cst! More details will be provided closer to the day. Plan to be there and compete for the title of best PVPer on the Firefly server!

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by GSGO101

Beach BuildOff For June Winners!

July 1, 2014 in Server News by GSGO101

First, I would like to thank everyone who judged or entered in the contest. Second, we should congratulate our winners!

First Place- firehawk469 with 39 points

Second Place- weaponbreaker with 36 points

Third Place- elijah_99 with 35 points

Don’t be sad if you did not get to enter because we are gonna have another contest for July! Word has it that it is related to The Fourth of July. But shhhhhhh this host cannot spoil it all! Thanks again everyone!


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by Skykia

Minigame Madness, Saturday at 1pm CST!

June 21, 2014 in Server News by Skykia

Once again it is time for minigames and fun prizes! Join us on Saturday the 21st at 1pm CST to win! Prizes for both winning and participation will be given out. The prize chests can be found behind the server shop in the pavilion. Once the madness begins type /warp mm to join in the current minigame!

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by GSGO101

Beach House BuildOff

June 1, 2014 in Server News by GSGO101



A HUGE thank you to G_R_A_H_A_M for building this beautiful masterpiece!

Welcome to Fireflymc’s new chain of BuildOffs! We had some of these contests and it turned out really well, so we have decided to do them monthly!


What is a BuildOff?

A BuildOff is a contest where participants have a plot to build on with a certain theme for that contest. The participants try to build the best build they can within a certain deadline. After the deadline, then the builders are judged.


How exactly are the plots being judged?

There is a judging panel which consists of three people. The judging panel will not be the same people everytime. The judges write down on notepad or something from their opinion of first place to last. Then judges PM their results to coordinator (GSGO101) on the Fireflymc’s forum. Coordinator then writes down all of the judges scores with a number beside it. The numbers are then added up total for each entree. The entree with the highest number is the first place winner. The entree with the second highest number would be second place winner and so on.


How will someone be eligible to judge a contest?

A judge needs to be active, has a clean record, and someone who is relatively non-biased. Judges may not enter the contest in which they are judging. If you are interested in becoming a judge please contact GSGO101 via the website forum. Firefly Staff has the right to veto anyone for being a judge if deemed necessary.


What is the theme for this BuildOff?

The theme for this June is to build a beach house!


How long do we have to complete the beach house?

This contest will run from June 1st through June 27th. The last three days for June will be used for judging results, handling prizes, and preparing for the next month’s contest.


How does someone get a plot for the contest?

Please contact any of our lovely SMods or if none are online try for an admin. Your first go to people to get a plot are SMods though. If one is not online mail them through in game mail by typing “/mail send [username] I would like a plot for the beach house BuildOff please!”.


Will the plot be a survival or creative mode?

Creative Mode


Does it cost money to get a plot to enter the contest?




1st- 50 Firefly Points

2nd-40 Firefly Points

3rd-30 Firefly Points


If you have anymore questions please contact GSGO101 on the forum through PM.

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Minigame Madness! Saturday at 6pm CST

May 23, 2014 in Server News by Skykia

You know the drill, there will be cool, silly and awesome prizes to be won for playing minigames! Practice up, because we’re starting at 6pm CST this Saturday. The tournament generally lasts for about 2 and a half hours, so even if you can’t be there right at 6, join us whenever you can!

Tentative Minigame Schedule:
CTF Maze – 2 games
PVP Ruins – 2 games
InfectionShip – 2 games
SphereWars – 2 games
Spleef, TNT Spleef Melee and TNT Spleef Ranged – Multiple games simultaneously for 10 minutes
Anvil, Anvil TNT, and Sumotori – Multiple games simultaneously for 10 minutes
CTF – 2 games
InfectionWoods – 2 games
PVP Arena – 2 games
Hungergames – 2 games

As always, the prize chests will be located in the pavilion behind the Server Shop and the prizes can be picked up anytime in the week following the event :)

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by O157_H7

Minigame Night Friday!

May 14, 2014 in Server News by O157_H7

Hey guys! Come on Friday 05/16 at 6pm CST for a night full of minigames!

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Win Prizes for Joining our Teamspeak Server!

May 6, 2014 in Server News by Skykia

Every evening at a random time between 3pm and 9pm CST, H7N9 or I (Skykia) will pop on to our Teamspeak server and one person from there will be randomly chosen to receive $250 and 5 Firefly points! It’s a chance to double your daily voting earnings!

As an additional bonus, all players that are on the Teamspeak server during H7N9′s surprise visit will be entered for our new weekly raffle. The more nights you are found on the TS3 server, the better chance you have of winning a random Firefly Perk at the end of the week! The drawing will be held on Saturday evenings. With all of these new perks, why not download Teamspeak 3 and join in the fun!